Newly Released 'Darksiders' Video Game In The Earliest Of Stages For A Film Adaptation

Being that I used to work as a freelance journalist on the video games beat, I have a soft spot for the interactive medium. So whenever movie and game worlds collide, I have something to say about it. Such is the case with "Darksiders," a new title developed by Vigil Games and released this week by publisher THQ.

First, some background. "Darksiders" is best described as an adventure game, with some obvious "Zelda" and "God of War" influences. You play as War, horseman of the apocalypse. The game opens with an apocalyptic scenario in which malicious forces conspire to break seven protective seals, effectively triggering the end of the world. The story proper kicks off in the aftermath of this event; War has been stripped of his powers, his fellow riders are nowhere to be seen and his "boss," the shadowy Charred Council, has set him to the task of fixing this disaster that they believe he's caused.

As the story progresses, War has dealings with agents of Heaven, agents of Hell and powerful forces that exist in the grey middleground. There are giant worms, scheming demons, traitorous angels... it's a Biblical clusterf--k. It's also perfect fodder for an epic action movie, a fact that the publisher is keenly aware of.

“We’ve gotten some interest from Hollywood, we’ve talked about doing a comic series,” said comic book artist and Vigil creative director Joe Madureira in an interview with gaming outlet VG247. “At least a couple of those things have to happen, I’m sure.”

“It’s really a THQ thing," he continued. "But I know they are definitely talking to people and I would be surprised if some of that stuff didn’t happen."

A comic book tie-in seems like it's almost a foregone conclusion, given Madureira's background as a comic book writer/artist, notably for "Battle Chasers," which he created, and Marvel's "Uncanny X-Men." The influence is writ large across the screen whenever you play the game; there's an undeniable comic book vibe in the game's art design.

A movie would be welcome though, at least to this fan. The story is a bit out there, straying away somewhat from established myths about the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It is an engaging plot nonetheless, one that is left wide open in the end for more. So here's hoping that something more -- a movie, a cartoon series, a direct-to-video release, whatever -- happens with "Darksiders."

Have you played "Darksiders" yet? Beaten it? Either way, what do you think of the basic story? Would it work as a movie? Is that something you'd pay to see?