Welcome To The 2010 People's Choice Awards Live Blog!

Welcome all. Are you ready for the 2010 People's Choice Awards? A lot of big names are out tonight, stars of the stage and stars of screens big and small. They're all gathering into the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California to celebrate the best that 2009 had to offer. If you remember it from last year, then it's represented tonight. "New Moon," "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," "Lost," "Fringe," Adam Lambert, Taylor Swift... the list goes on. What are we waiting for? On with the show!

10:58pm And that's it for the night. Thanks to all for tuning in. Congrats to Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift and the rest of the night's winners. Sleep well y'all!

10:57pm Favorite Movie Actor of the year, Favorite Movie Actor of the decade... and it all started with "21 Jump Street." Imagine that.

10:56pm Oh! He IS there!

10:55pm Johnny Depp is your Favorite Movie Actor. I guess he's not there.

10:54pm Sacha Baron Cohen as... himself? A rare treat.

10:50pm Celebrities climbing Killimanjaro to help the kids. That's nice. Is it wrong that climbing Killimanjaro sounds like a fun vacation to me? I'm glad it's helping the kids at least.

10:48pm Yes, she does. Congrats Taylor. No one's taking your mic this time.

10:47pm Okay... Taylor's got to win this one, right?

10:45pm We're back. And the show's almost over. LL Cool J welcomes us to the home stretch.

10:40pm ...they're really bringing out pizza. That's a nice little bit of product placement right there. It's like a commercial without the break!

10:39pm "Vampire Diaries" is Favorite New TV Drama and "Glee" is Favorite New TV Comedy. No surprises there, none at all.

10:38pm Greg knows a thing or two about not being a new TV drama anymore. Poor "Heroes."

10:37pm It's Gr-uh-nberg, huh? Not Gr-oo-nberg? Who knew? Not me.

10:36pm Nice Ashton. *I* appreciate the "Star Wars" reference.

10:35pm Ashton Kutcher. That's not a surprise. And you can bet he's going to be tweeting this at @aplusk.

10:33pm And we're back, with Jessica Alba. She's also going to be in "The A-Team." Who will the favorite web celeb be...?

10:24pm More live music, this time from Cobra Starship. I still remember the time MTV Splash Page editor Rick Marshall rode a double-decker tour bus with them to the 2009 VMAs.

10:23pm Did he just endorse music piracy? The RIAA isn't going to like that.

10:23pm The People choose Keith Urban as their Favorite Male Artist. Good job, Keith.

10:16pm Beauty tips, eh? I'm afraid I have very little to add here.

10:13pm Favorite Breakout Movie Actor is (SUPRISE SURPRISE) Taylor Lautner. Sharkboy. Well done, Sharkboy! He won it for "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl," right?

10:12pm "Inglourious Basterds" wins Favorite Independent Movie. It's tough. I loved it. But I loved "District 9" too.

10:11pm And there you have it Twilighters. Queen Latifah is Team Jacob.

10:10pm You know, if this had aired on November 19, people would have gone freaking nuts.

10:09pm "New Moon" spoof. And Queen Latifah is right. He is kind of stalker-y.

10:04pm Your Favorite Action Star is Hugh Jackman. He's great and all, but for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"? Really?

10:02pm Wardrobe malfunction?

10:01pm Ouch. A one-two punch for Tiger.

10:00pm Sandra Bullock. Well done. You weather that "Speed 2" knock. You're a star.

9:59pm Ouch. Tiger Woods burn from George Lopez.

9:58pm Favorite Movie Actresses time. What do you think? Down to Sandra Bullock and Kristen Stewart?

9:56pm It's Taylor Lautner. And there go the screams. And the obligatory comment about his clothes being on.

9:54pm Commercial break, and just about halftime.

9:52pm Release that Kraken indeed. Ummmm... what was new?

9:51pm Oh yeah. "Clash of the Titans" time. Bring on some new hotness.

9:49pm The People have chosen Hugh Laurie for "House." Congrats Hugh. Now show everyone how well you hide that accent of yours.

9:48pm Oh look, it's Paula Patton. And she's smiling. She doesn't get to do that much in "Precious."

9:46pm I guess not these People. Congrats to Carrie Underwood for her Favorite Country Artist win.

9:46pm Wow, listen to that crowd for Taylor Swift. The People have spoken?

9:45pm Did she say "Twilight"? Did she say Kellan Lutz?!

9:41pm And another commercial break. Snack time.

9:37pm What would an awards show be without live music? Ladies and gentlemen... Mary J. Blige.

9:36pm Oops... cut to music then back to acceptance speech.

9:35pm The Big Bang Theory? Congrats to them. The People have spoken.

9:32pm Chevy Chase. He's bringing back Clark Griswold for a "Vacation"-themed ad during the Super Bowl you know.

9:29pm Commercial break. Good. Time to collect my jaw off the floor.

9:28pm Oh sweet sweetness, this is going to be a kickass all-star season.

9:27pm PROBST!!!! SURVIVOR 20!!!! HEROES VS VILLAINS!!!! JOY!!!!!!

9:26pm Congrats Alyson. What a sweet acceptance speech.

9:24pm Once again, my loyalties lie with "30 Rock." Give it to Liz Lemon, People.

9:23pm Steve Carell. Yeah, he's pretty funny. And I'm going to let him finish.

9:20pm This isn't a prediction, this is a hope. Alec Baldwin. If only to see his acceptance speech. But also because he's awesome.

9:18pm No more predictions for me. Mariah Carey, who just rang in the New Year at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

9:16pm Rascal Flatts presenting Favorite R&B Artist. Beyonce?

9:16pm NSFA. Not Safe For Anybody.

9:15pm Hahahaha... Kentucky Fried Freaks.

9:14pm "Paranormal Activity" spood. And Queen Latifah is pissed.

9:11pm I'm not live blogging the commercials, but a bear mooned a telescope in a Charmin' commercial. Weird.

9:11pm Taylor Lautner. OME?

9:09pm Ooooo... "Robin Hood." And there are arrows. Wonderful.

9:07pm Deadpool and Lenina Huxley on stage together. Silent campaign for Marvel-"Demolition Man" crossover?

9:06pm "The Proposal." Sandra Bullock had a helluva year. Ryan Reynolds didn't do so bad himself.

9:05pm Favorite Comedy Movie. Such an awkward category title. "The Hangover" perhaps?

9:04pm And Ellen Degeneres wins Favorite Talk Show. And, oooo... Oprah burn.

9:03pm Two shots of Chevy Chase in less than five minutes. Excellent.

9:02pm Did she just threaten to cut someone?

9:00pm Right on time. And there's Queen Latifah with a jazzy number, ready to shepherd the night along.

8:58pm 2 minutes and counting. Standing by.