Comparing 'Avatar' Star Zoe Saldana And 'Titanic' Star Kate Winslet

FROM MTV.COM: These days, the one word on every moviegoer's lips is "Avatar." With the box-office receipts soaring, the love story and special effects fueling repeat views, and Oscar-buzz building, it's unlike anything we've seen since ... well, the last James Cameron feature film, 1997's "Titanic."

In the 12 years following that movie's release, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have made good on their promise, racking up instant classics and awards nods with equal aplomb. On Monday, we took a hard look at whether "Avatar" star Sam Worthington could use his momentum to launch a Leo-like career. Now, it's time to compare Cameron's leading ladies and look at why Zoe Saldana could become the next Winslet — or why such comparisons could leave the actress feeling as blue as her "Avatar" character.

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