Owen Wilson Gets A 'Hall Pass' From The Farrelly Brothers

Is it a coincidence that both stars of "Wedding Crashers" are in the trades today for new projects involving marital infidelity? Earlier, I brought word of Vince Vaughn's untitled collaboration with Ron Howard. As for Owen Wilson, his movie, titled "Hall Pass," will be helmed by raunch-loving brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly ("There's Something About Mary"). The siblings will be shooting this before their "Three Stooges" update, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Hall Pass" seems appropriate to follow the Farrelly brothers' last effort, "The Heartbreak Kid," which involved a marriage doomed from the start. The comedy will star Wilson as a man whose wife gives him the freedom to cheat while their relationship is in a lull. I'm picturing a sex-filled montage akin to the one in "Wedding Crashers," though it's more likely Wilson's character doesn't end up actually committing the allowed adultery. Here's what the Farrellys told MTV News about the idea more than two years ago:

"[The main characters are] married guys, and they're faithful to their wives, but they always look at other women," Peter explained. "[It gets] to the point where their wives get so annoyed that they say 'We'll give you a week. You can have sex with one other woman,' just to let the guys realize it might not be such a picnic."

The part of Wilson's wife has not yet been cast. I'd personally love to see him reunited with Rachel McAdams, who would fit better in a Farrelly brothers film than she has in her recent roles. Wilson does already have a male co-star lined up: "Saturday Night Live" cast member Jason Sudeikis. The actor will play the best friend, who apparently also gets a "hall pass" for extramarital relations.

Are you looking forward to Owen Wilson getting raunchy with the Farrelly brothers? Do you wish "Three Stooges" was the brothers' next movie?

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