Ron Howard And Vince Vaughn Will Explore Relationships In New Comedy

If you don't count "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," Ron Howard's last stint directing comedy was 1999's "EdTV." The man behind classics like "Splash" and "Night Shift" will make a return to the genre for his next feature though, with an untitled vehicle for Vince Vaughn, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Vaughn and Brian Grazer will produce the movie, which was conceived by Grazer and scripted by Allan Loeb ("21").

Vaughn will play a man who finds out that his best friend's wife is having an affair. The question driving the plot is, of course, should he give his buddy the terrible news? Reportedly, Vaughn was interested in the project due to his favor for comedies that explore the dark sides of relationships. Past examples would include "The Break-Up" and "Couples Retreat."

I tend to prefer Vaughn in roles in which he's cynical about romance and marriage. Recall his hilariously discouraging remarks during the wedding sequence in "Old School" and most of his scenes in "Wedding Crashers." With those in mind, I'm imagining this film will focus on Vaughn's character's desire to break up his friend's marriage so he can have his wingman back.

Howard may be a bit too saccharine for that kind of R-rated Vaughn comedy. Not that it's a bad thing. Howard's "Parenthood" is a great film about marriage (as well as family in general) and the obstacles faced within that union. There wasn't much about infidelity in it though, and given the fact the filmmaker's been married 34 years to his high school sweetheart, he may not know much about the subject.

Meanwhile, Vaughn was just married over the weekend, so I wonder if he'll begin looking more on the bright side of relationships following this project, which is set to begin shooting this Spring.

Are you excited about Ron Howard's return to comedy? Do you see him fitting well with the darker, typically raunchier humor of Vince Vaughn?

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