Simon Pegg Leaves Us Totally Confused With His Daily TwitPic

A little help would be appreciated here. The Daily TwitPic this morning comes to us courtesy of Simon Pegg, star of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Star Trek." It's a shot of three guys standing together, not posing per se, but at least looking at the camera. They're three faces that we know: Pegg, Nick Frost and Greg Mottola, who are all working together now on the comedy "Paul."

Simple, right? Wrong. Here's where the confusion comes in. When Pegg tweeted this image yesterday, he included the comment "One of these men has won an Oscar ...." Huh? Does anyone know what he's talking about? Some kind of inside joke? As far as I can figure, none of the three have won an Oscar. So either there's something more to that comment or the men in the picture are not who they appear to be. Anyone care to take a stab at solving this puzzle?

Wait! Edgar Wright figured it out! As he later tweeted to Pegg: "@simonpegg I am guessing it was Nick Frost for Best Supporting Actor at 0.33 in this"

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