Casey Johnson, 'Iron Man 2' And 'Toy Story 3' In Today's Twitter-Wood

The death of Johnson & Johnson heiress and fiancée to Tila Tequila Casey Johnson had a lot of Twitter-Wood's attention this morning a few of Johnson's close friends tweet their thoughts on her passing, including Paris and Nicky Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Elsewhere, it was business as usual. Jon Favreau entertained his leading man Robert Downey Jr. at the "Iron Man 2" office, and Lee Unkrich posted that animation is almost done on "Toy Story 3." Check out their tweets after the jump, along with a photo from Simon Pegg, what Diablo Cody's doing hanging around with Quentin Tarantino and which "New Moon" actress has been writing songs. I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter-Wood report for January 5, 2009.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@simonpegg One of these men has won an Oscar ...

-Simon Pegg, Actor ("Shaun of the Dead," "Star Trek")

Casey Johnson pt. 1: @ParisHilton In bed crying, looking at baby pictures of Casey, Nicky and I. I feel so upset. I feel like I've lost a sister. My heart is broken. Miss her

-Paris Hilton, Actress ("House of Wax," "Pledge This!")

Casey Johnson pt. 2: @NickyHilton Rest in peace Casey Johnson. I love and miss you so much. You are my best friend, my sister...I am broken without you.

-Nicky Hilton, Actress ("Pledge This!," "Wishman")

Casey Johnson pt. 3: @lindsaylohan r.I.p. To a friend to and of many- Casey Johnson- my regards to her family, friends and her beautiful daughter Ava* you are in our hearts CJ

-Lindsay Lohan, Actress ("Mean Girls," "Herbie Fully Loaded")

@Jon_Favreau Hung out with Mr. and Mrs. Downey today at the IM2 offices.

-Jon Favreau, Writer/Actor/Director ("Elf," "Iron Man")

@diablocody Going to Palm Springs tonight to present an award to Tarantino. This means I will be showering today.

-Diablo Cody, Writer ("Juno," "Jennifer's Body")

@leeunkrich We are now 90% done with animation on Toy Story 3.

-Lee Unkrich, Director ("Finding Nemo," "Toy Story 2")

@tinselkorey Wrote my first song in the new decade last night. Felt good to be writing again. :)

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("Twilight," "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse")

@lloydkaufman I will fly to Shreveport, act in James Gunn's new movie.He cut me out of "Slither.My acting is much better now.My five words will sing!

-Lloyd Kaufman, Actor/Director/Producer ("The Toxic Avenger," "Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.")

@rainnwilson My wife and I truly believe our new neighbors are part of some witness protection program. They're silent & DASH from their car to the door.

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Rocker," "The Office")

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