EXCLUSIVE: Cyril Raffaelli Shows Off His Parkour Skills In This 'District 13: Ultimatum' Clip

"District B13," released in 2004 (2006 in the States), is a stylish action flick written/produced by Luc Besson and directed by Pierre Morel, who is making headlines today for signing on to helm "Dune." The movie stars David Belle, founder of le parkour, so it's highlighted by some amazing feats of acrobatic artistry.

I haven't yet seen the sequel, "District 13: Ultimatum," but Belle is the star once again so I expect more of the same stylish action. That's certainly how things look in this clip, in which Belle's co-star Cyril Raffaelli dispatches a group of bad guys with little more than his limbs and an unframed painting. The story -- written by Besson once again -- picks up three years after the last movie, with Belle's Leito and Raffaeli's Damien returning to the titular district to fix the lawlessness that runs rampant there. You can check out "District 13: Ultimatum" right now via Video On Demand, Amazon and Xbox Live, or you can wait until it hits theaters on February 5. For now, just sit back and enjoy this action-packed clip.