The 'Lost' Supper: What Clues Can We Glean About The Show's Final Season From These New Promo Images?

"Lost" is coming to an end. Considered by many, including yours truly, to be one of the single greatest television shows of all time — heck, one of the most compelling stories ever told — there's an understandably high level of interest from fans as the mysterious show ramps up for its final episodes, beginning in February. While ABC has refused to air preview footage from the upcoming season based upon the requests of executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, that's not stopping them from creating their own brand new promotional campaigns.

Case in point — the latest "Lost" promo images depict the final season's regular cast as participating in "The Last Supper," the famous religious image that's been replicated for other shows in the past, such as "Battlestar Galactica" and "The Sopranos."

But as "Lost" is already a show based entirely upon paying attention to the details, it's clear that this new image is anything but an arbitrary repetition of a previously successful marketing move. Here are just a few of the interesting tidbits that we might want to pay attention to.

Picking Bones: There are two distinct skulls placed in the image, one by the feet of Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews), the other by Hurley's (Jorge Garcia). Could this herald a decidedly grizzly fate for two of our favorite castaways? In Sayid's case, the tortured torturer was last seen suffering from a significant gunshot wound to the abdomen. Smart money says that his time is running out, particularly given the tradition of main character deaths towards a season's outset, like Shannon (season two), Eko (season three) and Charlotte (season five). For Hurley, it's less clear, especially since bad things tend to happen around him, not to him. Also, he can see dead people now — which is great — so the skull could simply be a reference to that newfound ability.

Red Shirts Go First: The term "red shirt" dates back to "Star Trek," where an arbitrary crew member — typically wearing a red Star Fleet uniform — was destined to die on a mission filled with higher priority characters. The reference was made in "Lost" by Boone (Ian Somerhalder), who subsequently died a handful of episodes later. In the spirit of over-analysis, check out the shirts worn by Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Jack (Matthew Fox). All red, with Sawyer's being the most ambiguous. I could see Richard dying early on, but would the "Lost" gurus really take Sawyer and Jack off the board before the final episode? Crazier things have happened on television, but I'd keep an eye out on these two leading men if I were you.

DHARMA Days Are Here Again: From beer cans to peanut butter, it looks like the DHARMA brand is still in full swing, despite the Initiative's heavy presence throughout season five. While I don't expect that the organization will continue to have a front-and-center role going forward, the inclusion of DHARMA in the final season's promotional campaign indicates that "Lost" isn't finished with the foundation started by Gerald and Karen DeGroot. It's particularly interesting that of all the station logos they could have used, the Swan Station is the one depicted behind the castaways. We know that the hatch was responsible for crashing Oceanic Flight 815, and that the potential destruction of the hatch in the 1970s might prevent that crash from happening, but is there still more to be learned from the Swan in season six?

Locke It Up: Everybody in the image seems to be looking towards John Locke (Terry O'Quinn), other than Locke himself, obviously, who is staring directly at us. This is the second time that a promotional image for the final season has depicted Locke in a physical position that's unique from everybody else — the poster revealed at Comic-Con showed Locke with his back to the audience, as everybody else faced forward — so one has to wonder exactly what makes him so special. As we saw at the end of season five, Locke isn't quite the Locke we used to know and love anymore. Whether or not he's the Island's messiah, the latest manifestation of the sinister Smoke Monster or something else entirely, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that John Locke is special.

Choosing Sides: Is there any significance as to which side of Locke our castaways are on? Have some decided to follow Locke's lead, while others are rejecting his command? Early history would indicate that Jack's side would go against Locke, but the doctor has since become a believer in the mysterious bald one. Also on Jack's side is Ben (Michael Emerson), who is clearly obeying John's orders at the moment, as well as Sun (Yunjin Kim), who has been promised by Locke that he'll do whatever he can to rescue Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) from the past. If sides are being drawn, I'd guess that Jack's group is going with Locke — at least for now.

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