Measuring 'Avatar' Star Sam Worthington Against 'Titanic' Star Leonardo DiCaprio

FROM MTV.COM: At first glance, the pair would seem to be miles apart. Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably the biggest movie star in the world, a three-time Oscar nominee in the prime of his career, a fiercely private all-American actor whose name can get any script the green light. Sam Worthington is an endearingly outspoken British/Australian veteran roughly the same age, positioned as "the next big thing" for some time and only now breaking through with a series of high-profile flicks.

To some, however, history may be repeating itself. A little more than a decade after DiCaprio became a household name with "Titanic," a billion dollars' worth of moviegoers have now seen Worthington's face in "Avatar." With that in mind, here are three reasons why King of the World James Cameron might be once again playing kingmaker — and three others why Sam will never reach Leo's heights:

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