See A 6-Year-Old Amanda Bynes In Today's Daily TwitPic

Amanda Bynes isn't a regular visitor on our Twitter-Wood feed, but she pops up from time to time. She's probably best known for her now-finished TV work on the WB series "What I Like About You" and the Nick comedy series "All That." Bynes also had keys roles in "She's the Man" and the 2007 "Hairspray" remake. She's been pretty quiet recently, but you'll next get to see her in "Easy A," a comedy starring Bynes, Emma Stone, Stanley Tucci and "Twilight" star Cam Gigandet

In today's Daily TwitPic you get to see Bynes at the tender age of 6. This was just a few short years before she joined the cast of "All That" in 1996. In the pic, you can see Bynes and her brother Tommy hanging out in what look like barber chairs aboard their father's old Navy ship (not to be confused with an Old Navy ship). Check out the picture after the jump.

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