Are 'Avatar' And 'Dances With Wolves' Brothers From Another Father?

FROM MTV.COM: In the weeks since "Avatar" swept into theaters, moviegoers and critics alike have almost all agreed on two things: We've never seen something like this before, and we've all seen something like before. That is, the motion-capture action flick brings 3-D special effects unlike anything previously seen on the big screen, while the story line bears more than a passing resemblance to previous films, like David Lynch's "Dune" and Disney's "Pocahontas."

Perhaps no movie, though, has drawn as many "Avatar" comparisons as "Dances With Wolves," Kevin Costner's 1990 Civil War film about a soldier who bonds with a tribe of Native Americans. Even "Avatar" director James Cameron has acknowledged the similarities. So just how analogous are these two epics? Let's take a look.

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