There Haven't Been Any 'Eclipse' Test Screenings, According To Summit

FROM MTV.COM: After news spread that Summit Entertainment was holding "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" test screenings over the weekend, testimonials began to appear online from fans who had the chance to see the flick. The only problem? There was no test screening, so the testimonials were anything but accurate.

A source close to the "Eclipse" production told that rumors of the screening are "absolutely not true." Also, any testimonials being published online on sites like Alex's Memories are equally untrue. The source said specifics around any trailers and screenings for the flick have yet to be announced.

"There is absolutely no merit to this claim," a Summit Entertainment rep confirmed to MTV News about reports of the screenings. "We noticed it over the holiday on multiple message boards and sites, and it appears that some of this was spam."

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