Soundgarden's Coming Reunion Inspires A Walk Down Movie Memory Lane

After twelve years apart from one another, the members of '90s grunge band Soundgarden have decided that they just can't quit each other. Or, at least, can't quit each other forever.

On New Year's Eve, lead singer Chris Cornell took to Twitter to announce the reunion of Soundgarden with an ominous, somewhat cryptic statement: "The 12 year break is over & school is back in session." An official website is currently set up where the band's fans can sign up to learn more about the reunion's details as they become available.

Of course, the natural question you might be asking yourself right about now is, "What does any of this have to do with movies?" No, Soundgarden's reunion is not coming by way of a brand new feature film — as far as we know, at least — but the resurrected grunge group's stamp on Hollywood is nothing to scoff at.

Despite forming in 1984, Soundgarden didn't make their presence known on the film circuit until Cameron Crowe's "Say Anything...," which featured two of the band's tracks, "Toy Box" and "Flower." Crowe again utilized Soundgarden's talents years later in "Singles," which saw cameos from the band and other grunge acts, including Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam.

The band's seeming attraction to Crowe's movies are matched only by their appeal to Christian Slater's films. With the wailing "Heretic" in "Pump Up The Volume" and "Outshined" in "True Romance." Beyond Crowe and Slater, the band's songs had notable appearances in other great '90s movies like "Pacific Heights," "Wayne's World" and "The Basketball Diaries."

Is the reunion of Soundgarden as important to the film community as, say, James Cameron's feature filmmaking return? No, definitely not. But the band has had some undeniable classics over the years, with equally classic movie moments attached, rendering their return something of a treat for fans of their music and appreciators of their place in film history alike.

With any luck, the Soundgarden reunion will result in a new legion of musical epics that will benefit the film scene in the years to come. If nothing else, it will kick some serious butt to hear them play "Black Hole Sun" again. Even moreso if the tune makes its way onto some upcoming sci-fi flick's soundtrack.

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