Vampires And Laughs Highlight Our First Box Office Poll Of 2010

The first week of 2010 brings some great new possibilities for moviegoers who aren't quite ready for their fourth go-round with smash hit "Avatar." Whether you like your blood drunk or spilled, there's plenty of both in the dark new ensemble action/horror vampire flick "Daybreakers," from Michael and Peter Spierig. Ethan Hawke stars as a vampire scientist who rebels against a society ruled by a bloodsucker majority, linking up with a human survivor underground led by Willem Dafoe. It makes sense. Who's gonna argue with a guy who straps a crossbow to his shotgun?

For those who want to take a break from vampires, "Youth in Revolt" is your answer. The quirky comedy follows Nick Twisp, a young hipster-in-training played by Michael Cera. Nick has a hard time adjusting after his family moves to a trailer park... that is until he meets his new neighbor Sheeni (Portia Doubleday). She's everything Nick is looking for; too bad she's got a boyfriend. "Revolt" also features the talents of Jean Smart, Zach Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi and Ray Liotta.

If you prefer your comedies to have a little less quirk, a little more romance, you can also look to this week's "Leap Year." Amy Adams stars as a young woman who, frustrated at the lack of a marriage proposal from her long-time boyfriend (Adam Scott), follows him to Ireland so she can propose to him on February 29. See, according to Irish tradition a woman can pop the question on Leap Day. It pretty backwards and non-politically correct, but our lovelorn protagonist gets an unexpected surprise in the form of Declan (Matthew Goode), a gruff Irish local. Think they'll end up together?

For those who call "select cities" their home, there are some fun limited releases to look forward to as well. Action thriller "Bitch Slap" is a throwback to '70s grindhouse/exploitation flicks, so expect lots of gratuitous blood-letting and bare skin there. Then there's "Crazy on the Outside," an ensemble comedy starring Tim Allen as a recently released ex-con who reconnects with his family (including a sister played by "Avatar" star Sigourney Weaver) as he tries to piece his life on the outside back together. Last up is "Wonderful World," a family drama starring Matthew Broderick as a pessimistic divorcee whose outlook starts to change a temporary new roommate (Sanaa Lathan) enters his life.

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