Looking To Movies And TV In 2010 With Hollywood Crush

FROM HOLLYWOOD CRUSH: This has been a great year, but with the decade ending, 2010 looks to take everything great about 2009 up to the next level. We're talking more vampires, wizards galore, some chick flicks (that actually have a chance to be good!) and lots and lots of singing.

So, with the exit of 2009, say hello to 2010 by taking a look at the projects Hollywood Crush is most looking forward to talking about over the next 365 days!

10. "Glee" returns, or "Fox's Other Singing Show Comes Back"

Fox's knockout high school choir club comedy has become an instant television classic, and on April 13, it will return from its four month hiatus to air the final nine episodes of the first season. The show already had a fan following (Gleeks), had a Hot Topic tour and has been nominated for four Golden Globes including Best Comedy Series, Best Actor and Best Actress. Needless to say, seeing how the show wraps up its first season is definitely something to sing about.

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