Slipknot Vocalist Corey Taylor Schooled On How To Be Metal By Penn & Teller In Today's Daily TwitPic

You might not recognize the name Corey Taylor on its own, but you probably know his band, Slipknot. Formed in 1995, the metal band has been going strong since then, with their last album -- released in the summer of 2008 -- even hitting the number one spot on Billboard. You'd think that, after all that time, Taylor would know a little something about being metal.

As you can see in our first Daily TwitPic of 2010, he can't even get his "Devil Horns" hand sign right. Magician/comedian Penn Jillette, who poses for the pic with Taylor, even points out the faux pas in his tweeted description. The thumb should never be visible for proper Devil Horns; Taylor seems to be confusing his sign of the horns with the Shaka hand sign, a traditional greeting amongst surfers.

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