David Tennant On His 'Doctor Who' Mementoes... And When He'll Be Back For A Cameo!

While much of the world is busy bidding farewell to 2009, "Doctor Who" fans will be saying a different type of goodbye on January 1 when series star David Tennant concludes his celebrated run on the long-running BBC science-fiction series. One of the most popular actors to ever play the iconic role, Tennant has been the face of "Doctor Who" since 2005 and led the series to its most successful run (both in the UK and abroad) in its 47-year history.

As MTV's resident "Doctor Who" geek, I sat down with Tennant for a chat about the looming end to his run as the time- and space-traveling adventurer known as The Doctor. Along with discussing what he'll miss most about the role, he also revealed the mementoes he's taking with him from his time as The Doctor — and when he might return for a cameo appearance like so many past Doctors.

"I was presented with a sonic screwdriver in a beautiful box that the prop department made for me," said Tennant of his going-away gift. "So I got to take that home and that will sit in a very proud place in my home."

"And I do have The Doctor's suit now, hanging up in my wardrobe — the brown and the blue," he added. "I haven't tried it on yet, but I'm sure there will come a day when I'll be dancing around at midnight, frightening the neighbors."

As for making a cameo, Tennant stressed that he'll need to put some time between his departure and any cameo he might make.

"Who knows? There's no immediate plans," he said. "I'd probably have to move away and let the dust settle and let the new team get established and all that. But there is a bit of a tradition of The Doctor meeting his former selves."

"It happened with me when Peter Davison, who I watched when I was growing up, suddenly came back and did a scene with us, which was a real thrill for me," he laughed. "[It was] very disorienting, to be faced with this guy who you watched as a kid in the gear — and there he was, in my TARDIS now. It was very odd."

"It's been a very odd experience really, playing this part all around," he continued. "There's been many very unusual moments, very disorienting moments, but it's been a wonderful time. I wouldn't have changed it for the world."

Part Two of the "Doctor Who" season finale, "The End of Time," airs January 1 on the BBC and BBC America.