'Ghostbusters III' Is Coming In 2011, Harold Ramis Says

Do you remember when MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke to "Avatar" star Sigourney Weaver a few weeks ago about "Ghostbusters III"? She talked about star Bill Murray coming back as a ghost, perhaps even a Slimer, and her in-movie son Oscar playing a now-grown-up Ghostbuster. Here... see for yourself:

Well Weaver's spoiler-rich speculation may be what prompted Egon actor and writer of the first two films Harold Ramis to say a little bit about when we might be seeing the gang strap on their unlicensed nuclear accelerators once again.

"'GB3' is progressing with plans to shoot next summer and release in 2011," he said in an interview with Heeb. Ramis also once again confirmed the involvement of the original players -- "all the old guys will be in it," he said -- echoing previous statements made to MTV back in March.

Let that sink in. More "Ghostbusters" in 2011. While the talk won't mean anything until there's a cast on a set shooting a finished script, it's the strongest indication we've gotten yet that more ghosts will be busted, and soon.

Speaking of the script, Ramis makes no mention of the current one's status. As you might remember, "The Office" writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky -- who wrote the summer comedy "Year One" for Ramis -- are handling "Ghostbusters 3" as well. If the promise of a summer 2010 production start is accurate however, you've got to imagine that they're pretty close to a final draft.

Are you ready for more "Ghostbusters"? Do you think the timetable Ramis provides is an accurate one?