Marvel Comics EiC Promises Surprising Take On 'Thor,' Ass-Kicking War Machine In 'Iron Man 2'

War MachineFROM SPLASH PAGE: There's no shortage of hype surrounding the debut of War Machine in "Iron Man 2," and according to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, the character will more than live up to his action-packed tease in the new "Iron Man 2" trailer.

"I've actually seen a rough cut of the movie, and it's going to be good," Quesada told MTV News during the opening night of "Marvelous Color," a new art exhibit in Manhattan. The exhibit highlights Marvel's history of prominent African-American characters, with special attention paid to six of the publisher's most well-known heroes: Storm, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Blade, Falcon and of course, War Machine.

"[Don] Cheadle is one of the greatest living American actors, what do you expect?" said Quesada of the actor playing War Machine's alter ego, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, in the blockbuster sequel. "I think fans are going to love it — especially fans of War Machine — and he does kick some major ass."

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