Quentin Tarantino Has 40 Pages Of 'Inglourious Basterds' Prequel Written But It's Not His Next Movie

When we spoke to Quentin Tarantino a few weeks ago, he didn't really get specific about what he's doing next. He's still not being specific about what he's doing next, but a few new details have emerged concerning his future plans.

The "Inglourious Basterds" director sat down for a chat recently with Vulture, and they got to talking about what's next. Tarantino admitted that he actually has 40 pages of an "Inglourious" prequel already written, but it's backburnered for now. He has every intention of pursuing it at some point, with decisions likely to be made after the awards season dust settles, but there's something different on the horizon right now for the man who gave the world "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs."

The word is that Tarantino is planning a "smaller, less epic" project, something that could conceivably come together (he hopes) over about a half a year of focused writing. He doesn't reveal any specific details about what he's planning, though he does state that the story will be framed within "a different genre entirely."

The question is, different from what? "Inglourious" is a fantasy war story, a dark fairy tale set during one of the worst periods in world history. The narrative is quite different from what he's done previously, but the heavily stylized elements that distinguish Tarantino as an auteur are on full display. It would be fascinating to see what sort of movie would emerge if he took a more traditional approach with his filmmaking.

The hints are minimal, but they are nonetheless tantalizing. I recommend heading over to Vulture for more from the interview, which includes direct quotes from Tarantino in which he talks about screening "Inglourious" for German and Israeli audiences.

What sort of story would you like to see Tarantino tackle next? What could he mean by "smaller, less epic"?