'Rock Of Love' Star Bret Michaels Describes His 'American Pie' Role And The Feel Of Peanut Butter

Bret Michaels knows a thing or two about women. He might know a few more things about love. So that's why, when the "American Pie" team needed a male expert in all things love and peanut butter, the "Rock of Love" star and Poison frontman seemed like the likely candidate to make a cameo in "American Pie Presents: The Book of Love," which hits stores today.

"Well here's what I know. These are the facts. Obviously I'm very aware of the series," he told MTV News. "They had actually called and said 'Look we have this part and we think it would be funny. It's a very peanut butter-oriented part, in which no one will ever look at peanut butter the same again.'"

When it was explained to him that it was similar in nature to the now infamous apple pie scene in the original flick he couldn't help but agree to join the cast. "I was literally on tour... it worked out perfect and we went up [to shoot the scene] and I had an absolute blast doing it," he said. "The part was just a cameo and a lot of fun. When I read it, it was 'Book of Love' and it had that 'Rock of Love' feel. I'm a little limited [as an actor] and I said if you tell me what it is you need I'll walk out and be funny and hope it works."

It's kind of hard not to get a few laughs when the subject matter involves explaining the differences between the touch of peanut butter versus the touch of a woman. "It's all about the feel and that's all... it's about the sensation, the sexual sensation, that only peanut butter can give you versus a pie," he joked. "It's also healthy. It's a win win."

With his part in the 'Book of Love,' does Michaels have any insight into what his 'Book of Love' might be like? "You know what? I think it would after years and years just being around the world, it would be, I can say this, it would be a very interesting book," he said. "Extreme highs, lows, emotion. It would be very good."

Have you been keeping up with the "American Pie" movies? Are you excited to see Michaels' cameo in "Book of Love"?