'Star Wars' Villain Darth Vader Brings The Galactic Empire To The New York Stock Exchange

I'll admit, this is one of the stranger posts I've ever written. At the end of the summer, we ran a flipbook image gallery featuring the cast of the stage show adaptation of Troma Entertainment's "Toxic Avenger." This latest gallery amps the geekery up to 11.

Darth Vader and a squad of stormtrooper lackeys popped up at the New York Stock Exchange this morning to ring the opening bell. Oddly, they were joined by R2-D2, the plucky little robot that has aided the Rebellion against Vader's Empire time and time again. Did the Dark Lord of the Sith finally capture the droid, wiping its memory and turning it into a tool of evil? No one knows. Regardless, I'm willing to accept Vader's brutal tactics so long as he's willing to put them to work in fixing our broken economy. Click the image to behold the fully glory of our "Star Wars" at the NYSE flipbook gallery.