Neil Gaiman Discovers A Zombie In Today’s Daily TwitPic

Of course Neil Gaiman discovered a zombie. Who would you expect to find such a thing? This is the guy behind such freaky works as the “Sandman” comic book series, “NeverWhere,” “Coraline,” “MirrorMask” and more. You’ve gotta figure he already walks through his day seeing crazy s–t wherever he looks.

The only difference is that today he has photographic proof! Gaiman was out walking his dog the other day when he snapped a random picture of it in the snow, which he tweeted with the text “Walking the semi-invisible dog,” as if he didn’t notice the human hand protruding from the ground. Roughly 10 minutes later he re-tweeted the pic with the text “What hand…? Oh. That hand. I didn’t notice.” That’s what happens when you make a living crafting rich, engrossing fantasy worlds. Hit the jump for some undead action in today’s Daily TwitPic.

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