Neil Gaiman Discovers A Zombie In Today's Daily TwitPic

Of course Neil Gaiman discovered a zombie. Who would you expect to find such a thing? This is the guy behind such freaky works as the "Sandman" comic book series, "NeverWhere," "Coraline," "MirrorMask" and more. You've gotta figure he already walks through his day seeing crazy s--t wherever he looks.

The only difference is that today he has photographic proof! Gaiman was out walking his dog the other day when he snapped a random picture of it in the snow, which he tweeted with the text "Walking the semi-invisible dog," as if he didn't notice the human hand protruding from the ground. Roughly 10 minutes later he re-tweeted the pic with the text "What hand...? Oh. That hand. I didn't notice." That's what happens when you make a living crafting rich, engrossing fantasy worlds. Hit the jump for some undead action in today's Daily TwitPic.

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