'New Moon' Star Alex Meraz Is REALLY Into Wolves In Today's Daily TwitPic

"New Moon" is a few weeks out of the gate now, so it's probably safe to talk spoilers. Especially since many of you probably read the book before seeing the movie anyway. That said, spoiler alert. In the movie, Alex Meraz plays Paul, one of the Quileute teenagers making up the so-called Wolf Pack, the group of shape-shifting werewolves who help ease Jacob (Taylor Lautner) into his new existence when he himself begins to change shape. Paul has a little scrap with Jacob, both in canine form, when Bella (Kristen Stewart) gives the former a good, hard smack for turning the latter away from her.

What all of this means is that Meraz is a fan of the wolves. He'd better be, considering how the "New Moon" role raised his profile in the acting world. Today's Daily TwitPic illustrates just what a big fan he is of canis lupus. I certainly wouldn't want to rock that tee...

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