How Would The Na'vi Of 'Avatar' Stack Up Against James Cameron's Other Creatures?

DESCJames Cameron is no stranger to creating new forms of menacing cinematic creatures, though he may have finally topped himself in "Avatar" with the Na'vi.

There is certainly no shortage of dangerous flora and fauna that exists on the mysterious world of Pandora, but it's the Na'vi that pose the biggest threat thanks to their intelligence, speed, size and several other factors. It also doesn't help that human marines can link their brains up with Avatar versions of the alien race, adding a whole new skill set to a certain breed of Na'vi warrior.

Still, it's hard to say whether or not the Na'vi could hold their own against some of Cameron's other creations. Since we aren't likely to ever witness these showdowns, let's settle for the next best thing — hypothetical cage matches!

Na'vi versus Terminators

The express purpose of a Terminator's existence is to kill anything in its path that poses even a moderate threat level. But despite their mechanical composition, the Terminators are — for the most part — smaller in stature than the swift Na'vi, who also have the advantage of free will. I think a ten-foot Na'vi warrior would easily have its way with a standard T-800 grade machine, though something like the T-1000 could be a little trickier. Even then, a cunning Na'vi could lure the shapeshifting robot into a cleverly placed pool of molten lead. My gut says that the Na'vi could take Skynet down.

Na'vi versus Aliens

Again, the size difference between a Na'vi and an acid-bleeding Xenomorph gives the edge to our blue-skinned pals, who would have no trouble ripping the ugly extraterrestrial in twain. However, they'd quickly discover that such dismemberment comes at an acid-soaked price. For that reason, close quarters combat with an Alien is off the table, leaving the Na'vi to rely on long-range weapons. Their primitive weaponry would need a marine-based upgrade of some kind in order to adequately square off against the Aliens, but assuming they can overcome that obstacle, they'd have a good fighting chance. Still, I think that it's a pretty even match-up.

Na'vi versus Predators

While not a Cameron creature, it's impossible to imagine a Na'vi going up against the Xenomorphs of "Aliens" and then subsequently ignore the Aliens' greatest enemies, the Predators. Sadly, this is a battle that the Na'vi cannot win. At the very least, they would have a very difficult fight ahead of them. Predator technology easily outclasses the Na'vi, and both sets of alien races are equally cunning. Na'vi have size and speed on their side, but the Predators can easily evade that by resorting to invisibility. If I had a gun to my head and had to choose between the two, I'd give this one to the Predator.

Na'vi versus the NTIs

You might think that the ocean-dwelling creatures from "The Abyss" are a peaceful, non-confrontational race, but then you'd be forgetting the fact that they can cause hurricanes and tsunamis and other aquatic-based disasters. If the NTIs could lure the Na'vi out into open water, this wouldn't even be a question. In any other circumstance, I'd be tempted to give this one to the Na'vi. To be fair though, we haven't seen much of the NTIs, so it's a hard battle to judge. Instinct says the Na'vi take it, though.

Na'vi versus Jack Dawson

Are you kidding me? Nothing beats Leonardo DiCaprio. Nothing.

Tell us how you think the Na'vi would fare against Cameron's other creatures — and the Predators, of course — in the comments or on Twitter!