Bob Dylan And Penelope Cruz In A Vintage Daily TwitPic

Y'all know Roger Ebert, right? Noted film critic from Chicago. Used to be on TV. Well Mr. Ebert's been around quite a bit, working the scene, schmoozing with celebrities, hitting the festival circuit and so on. Yesterday, he apparently took a dive into his archives and dug out this little gem of an image for today's Daily TwitPic.

Hit the rewind button to the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. It wasn't exactly a magical year for movies, with hits like "X2: X-Men United" and "Finding Nemo" balanced by the latter two "Matrix" movies, "Terminator 3" and the third "Lord of the Rings" movie (let's face it-- that one kind of drags on a bit). There was also "Masked and Anonymous," a little independent film written by and starring Bob Dylan and an ensemble cast that included, among others, Penelope Cruz. It wasn't very good. Ebert himself gave it only half a star. But he appreciated the players enough to snap this photo.

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