'Sherlock Holmes' Director Guy Ritchie On Speaking To Brad Pitt: 'I'm Not Allowed To Say Anything!'

Several months ago, a rumor surfaced that international superstar Brad Pitt had flown to London to shoot a few scenes as the villainous Moriarty for director Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes." The rumor was squashed, only to reignite in the form of the word that Pitt had discussed playing Moriarty in a possible sequel with the film's producers. This too was put to rest but you know how hope is, always springing eternal.

So when MTV's Josh Horowitz sat down with Ritchie to talk "Holmes," the Pitt talk inevitably came up. And here's what the director had to say...

"I'm looking over there," he said, breaking into a wide grin as he glanced nervously at his publicist. Making a wagging finger motion, Ritchie laughed and exclaimed "I'm not allowed to say anything!"

Whether or not the director is looking to Pitt for a possible "Holmes" sequel, he has nothing but respect for Pitt, whose performance was key in making Ritchie's "Snatch" such a memorable experience. "I'm a big fan of Brad and I'd love to work with Brad," he said. "Everything he's done, I'm a big fan."

Ritchie grew considerably more tight-lipped when the talk turned to sequel possibilities, or even just the Moriarty character in general. "Maybe Moriarty will surface again," he said evasively. "I'm not allowed to say anything."

Oh well. No luck there. Maybe the other "Holmes" stars will be a little more forthcoming? "We're not the casting directors and [Moriarty's] kept purposely out of the narrative in the story," star Robert Downey Jr. said of the Pitt possibilities. "Should we be fortunate enough to go forward again, then we'll probably make casting announcements and that stuff."

Fair enough. Maybe Mark Strong, who plays "Holmes" antagonist Lord Blackwood, would be more willing to break the rules and let something slip. "I never met [Pitt], but I know that Guy and he are friends, obviously, because they've worked together and I know they'd love to get someone of his caliber to play a character of the depth and weight of Moriarty. I know they've probably talked about it."

Well well well... Strong is a villainous mastermind in real life too, apparently. He didn't spot Pitt on the set of "Holmes," but maybe star Rachel McAdams did, seeing as how she shares scenes with a kept-in-the-shadows Moriarty.

"No Brad Pitt sightings," she replied, laughing. Referring to her on-screen moments with Holmes' arch-nemesis, she continued, "I was just talking to a dark void."

Would you like to see Pitt show up as Moriarty in a "Holmes" sequel? Do you buy him as a master criminal?