EXCLUSIVE: Sigourney Weaver Sets The Record Straight On Her 'Ghostbusters III' Spoilage... Sort Of

It was as if she fired off a positively charged stream of proton-packed gossip into the blogosphere: "Ghostbusters" star Sigourney Weaver recently let slip during a press conference that in the upcoming third franchise installment Bill Murray might play a ghost, and that her son Oscar from "Ghostbuster 2" might work for the family business in the coming sequel. Here's what she had to say when MTV's Josh Horowitz caught up with her at the "Avatar" junket in London...

Tantalizing stuff, right? I mean seriously... will Bill Murray really be a ghost?

"I don't know," she told our own Josh Horowitz. "He could come back as a sort of Slimer character."

A Slimer? The very room service-chomping blob of green Jell-O that attacked him in the first film and gave him the catchphrase-worthy line, "He slimed me"? That's a pretty specific reference from Weaver, and it leads us to believe what she said at the press conference was not just an off-hand comment. But Weaver went on to say she's not yet read a script.

"I haven't read the script," she said. "They're sending me the script. I guess my little son Oscar who was kidnapped is a Ghostbuster, which makes me very proud. So [director] Ivan Reitman called me the other day and said he would love me to take a look at it. In a few weeks I'll actually know what it is, though I probably won't be able to talk about it."

So the logical explanation is that Reitman called up Weaver, gave her a broad outline of the story and mentioned both the Murray-as-Slimer and Oscar-as-Ghostbuster plotlines. For her part, Weaver is open to reprising her role in the new film.

"They're great guys and they work so well together," she said of Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. "It was such an extraordinary ensemble to be a part of. I'd love them to have a lot to do with it. I don't know if that's true. I think it came from them. But I hope they're all in it. I worked with Bill Muarry recently. We did a wonderful reading of a Roger Rosenblatt play ["The Oldsmobiles"], so it's really fun to work with people again that you've always loved.

Can the world come to terms with Peter Venkman as a spirit? Will you accept such a plot twist in "Ghostbusters III"? Do you think a key plot point will involve reconnecting Peter's spirit with his body?