Assessing The Golden Globe Nominations For Best Movie

The 2010 Golden Globe nominations hit this morning. As per usual, this triggered a stream of reactions from celebrities and the press that covers them. You can’t have an awards show without a little bit of post-nomination griping. Which of course paves the way for post-win griping. As you might expect, eyes are primarily focused on the Globes’ two biggest categories: Best Drama and Best Comedy/Musical. So that’s the first one we’re going to consider too: what’s right, what isn’t, who’s deserving, who’s notably absent…

Best Drama

As Movies Blog editor Adam Rosenberg already pointed out, it’s difficult to dispute most of the nominations in the Best Drama category. “Inglourious Basterds” is among my favorite movies of the decade, “Up in the Air” is getting plenty of accolades, “The Hurt Locker” is a widely agreed upon favorite and “Precious” was a breakout. I haven’t seen “Avatar” yet, but the fact that it’s getting the nod here — on top of the copious amounts of sweet, sweet Internet loving it’s getting elsewhere — makes me very excited to see James Cameron’s theatrical return this week.

Still, it’s hard not to feel some disappointment that “District 9” and “Moon” were left off the list. This was a banner year for smart science fiction, much in the same way that “The Dark Knight” changed the notion of comic book cinema in 2008. Sadly, it appears that Neill Blomkamp and Duncan Jones’ phenomenally original epics will get the Christopher Nolan treatment — heaping praise from critics without the major awards to show for it.

On the more realistic end of the spectrum, I’m surprised that “Brothers” and “Invictus” didn’t make the cut, but both movies are at least getting attention in other categories.

Best Musical or Comedy

Unlike the Best Drama department, I have a serious problem with “The Hangover” getting nominated for Best Comedy. I mean, really? There was nothing better this year? I absolutely love Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan of Bradley Cooper than I, which is exactly why I was so surprised by how much I did not like this movie. It inexplicably won over mainstream moviegoers, and I just don’t get it. “The Hangover” has a handful of hilarious scenes and absolutely no heart. Maybe I wouldn’t have disliked it so much if my expectations weren’t so high, but alas, they were. I can’t stress enough how astonished I am that this movie made the cut.

Cooling down a bit, I’m mostly fine with the rest of the list, though I would have been through the moon if “Drag Me To Hell” and “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” got nominated here. Say what you will, but both of those movies are epic comedies. “Zombieland” would have been nice, too.

Animated Film

Typically, this isn’t such a hard category to predict, but there are so many deserving animated films this year that it’s tough to guess who will come out on top. Every single one of these movies from “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” to “Up” could justify a victory. Of all the categories at this year’s Globes, this is the one I’m most satisfied by.

What do you think of the Best Movie nominations at this year’s Golden Globes? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter!

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