In Honor Of ‘The Slammin’ Salmon,’ Here Are Five Of Broken Lizard’s Most Underrated Moments

It’s hard to believe that Broken Lizard — the comedy troupe responsible for “Super Troopers,” “Club Dread” and “Beerfest” — hasn’t released a movie since 2006. Luckily, that all changes today with “The Slammin’ Salmon,” the newest comedy from Broken Lizard regulars Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but considering my affinity for Broken Lizard’s previous efforts, I’m sure I’ll be delighted by this latest film. Broken Lizard tends to deliver movies that require multiple viewings — the jokes get funnier and funnier every time you start the film over.

From the “Super Troopers” opening to the various death scenes in “Club Dread,” the highlights of Broken Lizard’s career are well documented — but let’s not forget some of the more underrated moments from this ragtag group of comedians. Here are some of my favorite less appreciated Broken Lizard scenes.

1. “What about the piece stuck to my shoe?”
In “Super Troopers,” young Ursula is forced to suffer the foolishness of her Spurbury Police Department colleagues, especially when the mustachioed Officer Smy storms out of the bathroom demanding that Ursula refill the toilet paper supply. After gently pointing out that Smy has a piece stuck to his shoe and that she’s not his wife, Smy looks her in the eye and states: “And if you were, I’d take ya down a peg or two.” The fact that Smy has a built-in peg system for his marital situation makes me laugh every time.

2. “Give my regards to Bobby Baboon!”
It’s hard to pick just one moment from “Super Troopers” for Brian Cox, who expertly plays highway patrol chief John O’Hagan. From biting off a chunk of soap to threatening to reveal that his rival had sex with his own cousin — and let’s not forget that whole “Shenanigans” bit — there’s no shortage of hilarious O’Hagan moments to choose from. In the end, I think the award goes to Cox’s drunken brawl with Chief Grady at the film’s climax. There’s just something truly amazing about an actor of Cox’s caliber getting down and dirty with such ridiculous drunken fervor in an equally ridiculous movie.

3. “It’s not a party until someone breaks the jacuzzi.”
It’s best to view the final act of “Club Dread” as a spiritual follow-up to “Super Troopers.” Through that lens, Erik Stolhanske’s murderous rampage as Machete Sam could really be seen as the final revenge of Rabbit, his rookie highway patrolman who was constantly abused by the other troopers. After getting covered in shaving cream and stuffed in lockers, it’s only fair that Stolhanske gets his moment of vengeance towards his cast members — except against Kevin Heffernan’s Lars, because Farva always wins in the end.

4. “Vat ees eet, grand-papa?!”
The Broken Lizard troupe themselves have plenty of highlights in “Beerfest,” but the real honors go to their German rivals played by Will Forte, Nat Faxon, Eric Christian Olsen, Ralf Moeller and Gunter Schlierkamp. It’s impossible to pick just one moment for these guys — from Moeller’s bloody smile after intentionally chewing on glass to the overly emphasized German accents from Forte, Olsen and Faxon, the Deutschland Beerfest team is easily one of my favorite Broken Lizard character sets of all time.

5. “I once saw him fart a plum… I was plum surprised.”
A close second to the German crew in “Beerfest” is the dynamic between Finke and Landfill, played by Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan, respectively. For Heffernan, it’s an excellent return to form as the oafish jerk he perfected with Farva in “Super Troopers.” For Lemme, it’s a completely different but no less hysterical persona than his ladies man acts in “Troopers” and “Club Dread.” The relationship between these two unlikely allies is best highlighted in Landfill’s funeral scene, where Finke delivers one of the most hilarious eulogies I’ve ever heard on film. Of course, any and all sentiment is immediately wiped away by the resurrection of Landfill in the form of his twin brother, Gil — yet one more ridiculous moment worthy of recognition.

What are some of your personal favorite moments from the Broken Lizard troupe? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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