'Fringe' Star Anna Torv Says It's Going To Get 'Devastating'

As if learning that the Peter Bishop we all know and love is an alternate dimension version of the dead Peter Bishop wasn't heartbreaking enough for the audience, "Fringe" star Anna Torv thinks that when Peter, aka Joshua Jackson, also realizes he's been living a lie will be equally "devastating."

"I don’t know cause Olivia doesn’t know yet," she told MTV News. "But I think that’s what we're gearing to towards the end of the season... I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's going to explode at some point."

She says that that explosion is bound to be incredibly overwhelming for Walter (John Noble), and obviously, Peter. "And I think its going to be heartbreaking… heartbreaking for Walter, but particularly for Peter too because this year seeing him take an active interest in his father and an active interest in the investigations and he's really taken it on. For that to explode, or implode, is going to be devastating," she explained. "But that’s what you want isn't it?"

Olivia hasn't had such an easy time herself. She's still dealing with the fact that, as a kid, Walter performed experiments on her, the effects of which are still uncertain. And she says that she hopes there can be more of a personal interaction between her and Walter, something that extends far beyond just the weekly conundrums they find themselves in.

"I love the idea of it getting a little bit darker. I think that's kind of fun and I like playing that," Torv explained. "Olivia is cold and sort of does her own thing, and I think people forget that she has to deal with this man who experimented on her as a tiny child. Even though the audience forgets that because Walter is gorgeous and funny and lovable now, there's a thing there that isn't resolved and she can't get any answers. I hope something does come cause that’s the fun stuff, that interaction."

How do you think the 2009 run of "Fringe" episodes will end? How do you think Peter will react when he learns the truth? Tune in tonight when we'll hopefully get some answers!