Johnny Depp On 'Public Enemies': 'I Haven't Seen The Film Yet'

by Rya Backer

Johnny Depp hasn’t seen "Public Enemies," but Japanese fans — don’t let that keep you from checking out the flick when it comes out this weekend (note: yes, it was released Stateside when the weather was really, really warm).

"I haven't seen the film yet," Depp confessed during a press conference in Japan for the movie — his first appearance in the country in nearly two years.

Depp went on to explain his motive for taking the role of John Dillinger, the infamous Depression-era bank robber who the story is centered on. "The thing that most attracted me to the script really was Dillinger himself," he declared in his trademark, mysterious, from-neither-Kentucky-nor-Florida accent. "I mean, the character of John Dillinger, who is, I think I've said before, or maybe I didn't... I was kind of semi-obsessed with him as a child."

"Dillinger somehow struck a chord in me. It was unexplainable why I'd take to him," he continued, adding, "It was an opportunity for me to salute Dillinger's memory.''

But when it came to talking about his performance and how the movie fared overall, Depp had about as much to say as you'd expect from someone who'd never actually seen it. Which is to say: not much at all.

“That's a tough one," he admitted. "It's a tough one. I haven't seen the film yet. But I've heard great things about it."

In the dude's defense, actors aren't always keen to check out their mugs on the big screen, and Depp has a wealth of other projects to attend to. In addition to being attached to 14 works in development (according to ever-reliable, he likely ducked out of a promotional screening or two to attend to his starring roles in the upcoming "Alice In Wonderland" and Hunter S. Thompson adaptation, "The Rum Diary," both out next year. No word yet on if he plans on seeing either.