James Cameron Is Thinking About A Project To Reunite With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Early in the Aughts, Arnold Schwarzenegger made the move from Hollywood to the office of the Governor of California. Since then he's popped up in a poofy-haired cameo in "Around the World in 80 Days" (actually filmed before Arnie's 2003 election) and filmed a small role for Sylvester Stallone's upcoming action flick, "The Expendables."

Yet soon the Terminator will be leaving office, and while there is talk that he could make a run for the Senate, there's also word out in the ether that he'll return to a big screen career. In an interview set to run as part of MTV's "Behind the Screen" show on December 16, at 4pm EST, director James Cameron—who created Schwarzenegger's most iconic role in the "Terminator" films—revealed that he just might be the one who ushers the Gov back in front of the camera.

'I think he wants to come back to Hollywood," Cameron said. "I think he wants to act again, and we will talk when he’s clear of his problems and I’m clear of mine."

Could they reunite for a project that Tom Arnold has gushed will bring the "True Lies" crew back together?

"I’m thinking about things that we could do together," Cameron said. "I’m sure he is as well.

Check out the video to hear it straight from the King of the World's mouth.

Remember to tune in to MTV on Wednesday, December 16, at 4pm EST/1pm PST for the latest episode of "Behind the Screen." You'll see plenty more from our lengthy sitdown with Cameron, an all-new exclusive "Avatar" clip and exclusive first looks at "The Other Guys" and "Dinner for Schmucks."