'Twilight' Fans' New Buzz Film, 'Toy Story 3' And A John Stamos Extortion Plot In Today's Twitter-Wood

Edgar Wright's "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" may be inheriting an entirely unexpected fanbase, according to an exchange today between creator Bryan Lee O'Malley and "New Moon" actress Anna Kendrick. Apparently O'Malley has seen his comic creation cited repeatedly with Kendrick's name attached more prominently than both his and Wright's.

One of the largest showings of single-topic tweets I've seen in Twitter-Wood since the death of Michael Jackson occurred yesterday afternoon with the appearance of a rainbow over Los Angeles. In the face of a week that's been dominated by Tiger Woods gossip, this was probably a welcome shift. New problems seem to have appeared, meanwhile, for John Stamos, who let his publicist step in and tweet a statement today following an extortion investigation. As any Twitter-Wood followers know, Stamos loves taking pictures with his fans, and it sounds like someone tried to blackmail Stamos with such images for unknown reasons. Check out those posts after the jump along with a behind-the-scenes look at "Toy Story 3." I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter-Wood report for December 8, 2009.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

"Toy Story 3" pt 1: @leeunkrich Randy Newman takes the stage at Sony Studios (formerly MGM). http://twitpic.com/sose5

-Lee Unkrich, Director ("Finding Nemo," "Toy Story 2")

"Toy Story 3" pt 2: @leeunkrich Little vid of Toy Story 3's 110-piece orchestra warming up. http://twitvid.com/A792C

@radiomaru Twilight fandom refers to it as "Anna Kendrick's Scott Pilgrim" now

-Bryan Lee O'Malley, Writer ("Scott Pilgrim vs. the World")

@AnnaKendrick47 @radiomaru oh... awkward... did no one tell you that's how Universal is billing it now? I mean, I did work four whole weeks on it.

-Anna Kendrick, Actress ("Twilight," "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World")

@JohnStamos John Stamos was the target of an extortion attempt,” Stamos’ rep Matt Polk says in a statement.

-John Stamos, Actor ("Full House," "Knots")

@BrianLynch Malkovich might play The Vulture in SPIDER-MAN 4? Yes, okay, thank you.

-Brian Lynch, Writer/Director ("Puss in Boots," "Big Helium Dog")

Twitter-Wood Rainbow Special:

@lindsaylohan Look at these rainbows outside of my apt!!! Good luck!! Yay! http://tweetphoto.com/6024607

-Lindsay Lohan, Actress ("Mean Girls," "Herbie Fully Loaded")

@tubatron http://twitpic.com/sllrr - Rainbow time in Burbank, seen from ye olde Simpsons studio.

-David Silverman, Director ("The Simpsons Movie," "Monsters, Inc.")

@NickyHilton So many rainbow sightings in LA today. Rainbows symbolize good luck. Good news for us Angelenos!

-Nicky Hilton, Actress ("Pledge This!," "Wishman")

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