EXCLUSIVE: Here's What Ryan Reynolds Wants From A 'Deadpool' Trailer

Yesterday, we brought you an update on the "Deadpool" movie's writer and director search, straight from leading man Ryan Reynolds — and now we have the promised follow-up with the man tagged to bring both the Marvel mercenary and one of DC's most iconic characters, Green Lantern, to the big screen.

"No, there's no Deadpool suit that I've tried on," Reynolds told MTV News when asked if he's had a chance to see himself in the character's familiar red-and-black costume. However, that doesn't mean he hasn't given any thought to other aspects of Wade Wilson's solo debut.

"I've told Fox already that the only way there's ever gong to be a 'Deadpool' trailer is if Deadpool makes his own trailer," he laughed. "He needs to be talking to the movie audience ... with the movie trailer voice: 'In a world... gone mad... one man... must stand alone...'"