'Call Of Duty' Compares To 'Red Dawn' Compares To 'Call Of Duty': The Circle Is Now Complete

Usually I'll hem and haw a bit, introduce the subject in my typical, long-winded fashion. Not now though. Let's get the quote out of the way up front. Speaking to Jay A. Fernandez from The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Business blog, MGM top dog Mary Parent described the studio's upcoming remake of "Red Dawn" as "a live-action 'Call of Duty,'" referencing the popular video game series whose latest title saw a record-breaking launch just a few weeks ago.

The funny thing about Parent's statement is that many who have played through and commented on the most recent game, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," have noted the story's similarity to that of the original "Red Dawn." The movie painted an alternate reality present in which the Soviet Union invades the United States. A similar incident occurs in the game, though the focus there is more on the triggers leading to the invasion (whereas it's simply a fact in the movie). The similarities run even deeper however.

In "Modern Warfare 2," one of the mid-game missions in which players fight their way through invading Russian forces in a sleepy suburban neighborhood is entitled "Wolverines!" As any self-respecting "Red Dawn" fan knows, this is an explicit reference to the original film. As a group of high school students come together to form a resistance, they name their group after the school's mascot, a wolverine. Thus, "Wolverines!" becomes a sort of battle cry as the story progresses.

It just strikes me as an odd bit of back and forth, the game referencing the movie now referencing the game. The massive "Modern Warfare 2" release spawned some "Call of Duty" movie spin-off chatter, but if Parent's statement is accurate, that's what we're already getting in the form of MGM's "Red Dawn" remake.

Do you see the "Modern Warfare 2"/"Red Dawn" comparisons? Would you like to see a "Call of Duty" movie apart from "Red Dawn," or do you think the retelling of the Wolverines' adventures is enough?

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