Johnny Depp And Tim Burton To Shoot 'Dark Shadows' Next Fall

Earlier this year we asked Tim Burton about his upcoming adaptation of "Dark Shadows," the '60s soap opera with a vampire protagonist and a generally supernatural edge. Before that even, we heard from both Burton and his intended "Shadows" star Johnny Depp that the TV adaptation would shoot next year.

Now we have an even more specific time frame to work with. Speaking to producer Graham King, Sci Fi Wire has learned that production will start on "Shadows" late next year. What, you want to know when? "We're actually going to shoot that film next September/October with Tim Burton and Johnny," he said. Which I'm guessing means that the movie will see a summer or fall 2011 release, presuming all goes as planned.

I don't have much experience with the TV series, but vampires are certainly what's hot right now. And for all of his experience, Burton's never done a proper vampire movie. "Shadows" may or may not qualify as one, but it will be fascinating to see what the man who gave the world "Edward Scissorhands" will do with something like this:

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Are you a "Dark Shadows" fan? Are you looking forward to seeing Burton's vision of the popular soap opera?