'New Moon' Falls To 'The Blind Side' In The Sunday Box Office Report

DESC1. "The Blind Side" ($20.4 million)

2. "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" ($15.7 million)

3. "Brothers" ($9.7 million)

5. "A Christmas Carol" ($7.5 million)

4. "Old Dogs" ($6.9 million)

The best way to stop a vampire isn't prolonged exposure to sunlight, nor is it a wooden stake to the heart — apparently, all you need is an unassuming sports-themed family drama starring Sandra Bullock at your disposal.

To the surprise of many, "The Blind Side" — now in its third week in theaters — dethroned "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" as the first place finisher at this weekend's box office. Bullock's sports drama started the weekend off on Friday with a lead over the supernatural romance film, though the victory is nonetheless surprising given the record-smashing numbers "New Moon" posted during its opening weekend. Despite those records, "The Blind Side" was able to overpower "New Moon" by slightly less than $5 million.

It's hard to know exactly why or how the Bullock-starring drama was able to surpass "New Moon," let alone give the pre-established franchise such a run for its money. Given Bullock's previously successful "The Proposal" in addition to this latest hit, it seems that the actress still has enough box office power to pull out a surprise victory. Another theory, which was posited by a commenter in yesterday's box office round-up, is that Robert Pattinson's lessened involvement in "New Moon" resulted in less multiple viewings than Summit would have hoped for. It's certainly an interesting theory, though the folks rooting for Team Jacob might disagree.

The rest of the weekend's top five looked fairly similar to the results posted on Friday evening — both "Brothers" and "Old Dogs" maintained their positions in third and fifth place respectively — but Nimrod Antal's "Armored" was replaced by the Jim Carrey-starring "A Christmas Carol" in the fourth place spot.

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