George Clooney Talks Oscar Contention For 'Batman & Robin'

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Recently I attended the premiere for “Up in the Air,” and had a conversation with a friend about how amazing it is that “Sexiest Man Alive” regular George Clooney has somehow managed to dodge the vitriol that dudes typically have towards beefcake leading men. My theory on how he gets away with it? The guy loves to make fun of "Batman & Robin."

Remember when you were a kid, and bullies would pick on kids to feel them out? Some would spaz and just make things worse. Others would laugh at themselves before the bullies got a chance, thereby being in on the joke rather than being the butt of it. And in the years since he played the world's greatest detective in Joel Schumacher’s disastrously awful 1997 superhero film, Clooney has been smart enough to laugh along with the rest of us.

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