'Entourage' Movie Talk From Series Exec Producer Mark Wahlberg

I don't really understand why people rag on HBO's "Entourage" so much. Sure, the show has had its stumbles. But it's a funny show that, at its heart, is all about celebrity lifestyle wish fulfillment. Those who whine about how shallow it is, how it's about little more than bare skin and celebrity cameos, are kind of missing the point. And while it's easy to just shrug and say "their loss," the whiners may soon stand in the way of a new development that hit the tubes today.

At the premiere for "The Lovely Bones," star Mark Wahlberg had some things to say about the future of the series, Showbiz 411 reports. Specifically, he said that he sees two more seasons for the show. And then perhaps something a little bit bigger.

"We’ll see, there could be more [than two season]," he said. "But then, a movie." A... movie? I've actually always thought that "Entourage" would work better as a weekly hour-long. I just wonder what kind of story a feature length treatment of these characters would deliver.

The sort of hijinx they get into work better over the long-term. And I'd rather not see some random vacation; part of what makes "Entourage" so appealing is the mixture of celeb culture wish fulfillment and insider Hollywood maneuverings. I suppose it could always just be a two-hour treatment of an actual Vinnie Chase movie. How meta would that be?

What would you like to see in an "Entourage" movie? Would you like to see an "Entourage" movie?