Kurt Loder Reviews 'Up In The Air'

FROM MTV.COM: "Up in the Air," the new Jason Reitman movie, is difficult to describe. It's not a romantic comedy, although it's very funny, and romance is one of its subjects. But it's not a straight drama, either, even though it pokes around in some dark corners of contemporary life. The picture is really one of a kind. And it's virtually perfect.

George Clooney, in one of his most supple performances, plays Ryan Bingham, corporate executioner. Ryan spends his life flying around the country at the behest of downsizing companies that bring him in to break the bad news to the employees they're laying off. It's a hideous job, but Ryan loves the life. He loves the anonymous luxe of his business-hotel suites, his VIP car-rental accounts, the first-class airport lounges and the massive amounts of frequent-flier miles he racks up. Who needs friends when there are always fellow passengers to talk to up in the air? Who needs a relationship when transient sex abounds? Who even needs a home? (Asked on a flight where he's from, he says, "I'm from here.")

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