Danny DeVito And His Weird Trollfoot Fetish In Today's Daily TwitPic

I've gotta admit, this whole "trollfoot" thing with Danny DeVito freaks me out a little bit. The guy takes a lot of joy in taking pictures of his foot under a variety of circumstances. Now I'm a big fan of DeVito, having grown up with classics like "Ruthless People," "Other People's Money," "Throw Momma From The Train," "Twins" and, of course, "Batman Returns." This whole foot thing though... it's just straight weird.

Then again, when you're as successful as DeVito's been -- and as consistently entertaining -- it's easy to overlook the odd quirk. In addition to his acting career, which has gotten a second wind from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," we're talking about a guy who served as a producer on such fine works as "Garden State," "Gattaca" and "Pulp Fiction." Still... this foot thing is strange. Especially when it's dressed up like a rooster, as you'll see after the jump in this morning's Daily TwitPic.

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