'The Lord Of The Rings' Returns To Radio City Music Hall With 'The Two Towers'

As you probably remember, Radio City Music Hall hosted a cool "Lord of the Rings"-related event in October. The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra, The Collegiate Chorale and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus collaborated in performing the score to "The Fellowship of the Ring" (conducted by Ludwig Wicki) while the movie played on a giant screen behind them.

Well now we've got word that Wicki and the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra will be back to do the show again, only next time it'll be for "The Two Towers," the second film in Peter Jackson's trilogy. Tickets are currently available through a Ticketmaster pre-sale, the code for which you can find on the concert's official website. There's a catch though: we've got a long wait ahead of us. The "Towers" shows will happen next year, on October 8 and 9, 2010. So don't go getting too excited just yet.

Did you attend the "Lord of the Rings" concert in October? Did you enjoy it? Will you go again (or for the first time) next year?