After 'Iron Man 2,' Looking At War Machine's Solo Show

FROM MTV.COM: There's much ado about War Machine going on right now, and it's not hard to understand why — as you can see from the recently revealed "Iron Man 2" poster, the guy is just flat-out cool.

While "Iron Man" fans are already well aware of James "Rhodey" Rhodes, the character is set to explode even further thanks to his armored up role in "Iron Man 2," this time played by Don Cheadle. Beyond the upcoming superhero film, Cheadle is reportedly signed on for a role in "The Avengers," meaning we haven't seen the last of War Machine by a long shot.

But if the character proves popular enough, maybe Rhodey could wind up with a film franchise of his own. If that happens, here are some suggestions for how to make that "War Machine" spinoff work.

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