EXCLUSIVE: 'Transylmania' Unveils New Scenes, Hopes to Dazzle Twilighters This Weekend

Technically, “Transylmania” isn’t a spoof film like “Date Movie,” “Meet the Spartans” and the like. But that hasn’t stopped the teens-in-vampireland comedy from cutting together a clever “New Moon”-inspired movie trailer . What's more, stars Jennifer Lyons and Oren Skoog insist that the film’s mix of love, supernatural scares and comedy will appeal to Twilighters.

“I was just looking at all the characters and thinking about that,” explained Lyons, who plays a demonically-possessed co-ed named Lynne in the flick that opens this weekend. “And I realized that almost every character in this movie is looking for love in every ridiculous, goofy way you can imagine. There’s a lot of forbidden love - we even have love between a head and a person; wait, that didn’t sound good.”

Yep, one subplot does indeed involve a severed female head still alive enough to get angry at her boyfriend for cheating on her. “Everyone wants something magical,” Lyons explained of the film, which has teenagers traveling to Transylmania and encountering all sorts of supernatural hijinks. “I love ‘Twilight,’ and I love ‘New Moon,’ and we all want something that’s more then average, that’s magical and amazing. If you look at the girl in ‘Twilight,’ she goes from a vampire to a werewolf; she doesn’t want the average guy. And [the characters in ‘Transylmania’] all get to this mystical castle, and they can never go back to normal life.”

Another person who might not be able to get back to normal life is Skoog, who does double-duty in the film as a slacker college kid and a decidedly unsexy vampire.

“I don’t think so,” he grinned when asked if his character might take over for Edward Cullen as every woman’s dreamboat. “That Rob guy is sexy. Although, I know definitely, if you put a sword in his hand, [my character] Radu would take him. I think I’m going to let other people play the sexy vampires. He’s got everything; I think I drink a little too much beer.”

Hey Twilighters, are you planning on buying tickets to “Transylmania” this weekend? Or will you be too busy seeing “New Moon” for the 18th, 19th and 20th times?