Real Life 'Iron Man' Armor Gets MTV Splash Page Thinking...

FROM SPLASH PAGE: Okay, so we're probably a long time away from developing a power source like the one powering Tony Stark's armor in "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2," but according to recent reports, we might be closer than you think to developing a version of "smart" armor like the one protecting Iron Man and War Machine.

According to Discovery News, scientists at a U.S. miltary facility in Michigan are currently researching applications for "piezoelectric" armor that can not only detect the size of bullets shot at it, but also identify the damage inflicted and generate small amounts of electricity in response. All of this could potentially allow for a similar heads-up display of the armor's current level of damage, weak points and various other conditions Tony Stark is alerted to while wearing the Iron Man armor.

"As a kid, everyone played those video games that showed you how much armor you had left as a percentage bar," said John Wray, a contractor for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center. "That's exactly what we're working on here and more."

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