'Inception' Star Tom Hardy On Boxing With Leonardo DiCaprio And Christopher Nolan's 'Carpet Of Love'

Christopher Nolan's true genius might not be in making kickass films but in getting his stars to stay amazingly silent about them. How else to explain the virtual lockdown on any plot-related details from the cast of "Inception," Nolan's Leonardo DiCaprio-starring thriller out next summer that co-star Marion Cotillard helpfully described as "about the mind."

Well that clears everything up! But recently Tom Hardy gave a call to MTV News' Josh Horowitz from the "Inception" set and did in fact kick some details about the production.

"I'm being plummeted through a floor at the moment," Hardy said during a break in shooting.

Okay, no clue what that has to do with anything, but from the look of the teaser trailer, it's gonna look crazy awesome when it all comes together. "It's an ensemble piece, but a lot of the onus of the movie falls on Leo's face," explained Hardy. "He's the superstar in the film."

Not just superstars get to crash through floors in Nolan's world, so it seems—an activity that frankly sounds kinda painful, effects wizardry notwithstanding. Yet Hardy's on-set leisure time activity sounds kinda painful too: brawling with co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

"He's a big MMA fan, so we've been kicking each other. Kicking and elbowing each other," Hardy said. "He keeps bruising me. He gives me as good as he gets."

Hardy has had some practice in this area, having just finished up work on the mixed martial arts-focused film, "Warrior," a shoot that left him with cracked ribs, a broken toe and a torn ligament in his hand. On "Inception," though, the fighting is all in good fun. "He's brilliant," Hardy said of DiCaprio. "He's such a f---ing cool guy."

Hardy was in the midst of the brutal "Warrior" shoot in Pittsburgh when he got word that Nolan wanted to cast him. The actor flew west for a meeting by the beach, the shoot dates ended up working out, and soon Hardy found himself recovering from his injuries as he traveled across the globe with DiCaprio, making a film that has easily become one of 2010's most anxiously awaited.

"I was in shellshock because I'd been pretty badly beaten up on the last film," Hardy said. "It was like [Chris] swept me up on this carpet of love and took me around the world."

Who would win in a fight: Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy? What the hell is the deal with "Inception"?