Neve Campbell Talks 'Scream 4' Shooting, Wes Craven And 'Working The Bob'

Ah... Neve Campbell. You really had us bumming when it came out that you weren't going to be involved with Kevin Williamson's return to the "Scream" franchise. The day brightened considerably when that news turned out to be untrue, but oh the emotional roller-coaster you've put us through.

Thankfully, that's all in the past. Now, Campbell has fully embraced her return to the character of Sidney in "Scream 4." She's even talking about it. As she did with BlackBook in an interview last week. And while she didn't get into what adventures Williamson has in store for her, she did offer up a few enlightening details about the coming sequel, which will kick off a new trilogy.

"We start shooting 'Scream 4' in mid-April," she said. Which means we could conceivably see the movie hitting theaters by late-fall of next year. I'd even go as far as saying it's probable, given the series' history.

The first two films hit theaters in December. The third one hit in February, a sort of unspoken dead zone in the year filled with riskier releases, but interest in the franchise had flagged by then. It's almost a decade since that third film was released, and there's been a veritable revolution in the horror genre. Given the half-satirical/half-straight bent of the previous entries in the series, particularly the first, Williamson has plenty to draw from as he preps this new trilogy.

The other big question that's been flying around is if original director Wes Craven will return. Campbell has a bit to say there as well. "I’m pretty sure at this stage that Wes [Craven] is back on board to direct and Kevin [Willamson] is definitely writing it is going to be great," she said. That's about the closest I've heard to a Craven confirmation yet; calls to his people have yielded no hard facts.

Finally, BlackBook inquired into what it will be like for Campbell to return to this decade-plus-old character. She hasn't seen a script yet -- "They had to wait for us all to sign on," she said -- but she's already thinking about it nonetheless.

"Physically speaking, it’s all about working the bob," she exclaimed. She throws out a little plug for Tara Smith, saying "if Tara didn’t cut and style my hair in an amazing girly way to re-create the Sidney look, I wouldn’t have a starting point [for the character]."

So it all comes down to the bob. "Once I’ve got the hairstyle, the character of Sidney definitely comes back to me."

Are you looking forward to "Scream 4"? What's your take on the original series? What are your expectations for this new one, particularly in terms of how Williamson will approach the satirical elements responsible for making "Scream" such a hit?