Eli Roth Producing Environmental Sci-Fi Action Film 'Invasion'

Summit Entertainment, hot off "New Moon"'s golden box office performance, is announcing a number of projects this week, including a sci-fi action movie titled "Invasion," which will be produced by horror filmmaker Eli Roth and Eric Newman ("Children of Men"). According to ShockTillYouDrop.com, the idea is being compared to "Cloverfield," likely in the way it will depict an apocalyptic situation from the limited perspective of a small group of protagonists.

The project, which began with a spec script by Ben Magid, is said to have an environmental theme, putting it in the same boat as "The Happening" and "The Day After Tomorrow." I'd like to suggest Roth and Newman hire filmmaker Larry Fessenden to direct now that he's no longer doing Guillermo del Toro's "Orphanage" remake. Fessenden has proven with films like "The Last Winter" that environmentalist themes don't have to be cheesy or too preachy.

As for the "Cloverfield" similarities, I'm not worried. After the non-stop destruction of "2012," I'll gladly admit my preference for apocalyptic movies with limited-scope vantage points. The plot of "Invasion" reportedly kicks off with an L.A. subway accident, from which the movie's heroes emerge only to find the city has been reduced to snow-covered ruins.

Immediately I recall the great moments from "28 Days Later," "Resident Evil" and "Night of the Comet," where the main character (and the audience) surface from a disconnected space to discover that the world has gone to hell without them knowing.

Would you like to see Eli Roth's take on the horrors of environmental disaster? Do you prefer your apocalypses explicitly shown or revealed after the destruction is done?